Basic Surgery Set

R2,446.48 Inc. Vat


24 pcs

-1 x Instrument Box S.S 25 x 12 x 6cm

-4 x Clamp, Towel, Bakhaus 10.5cm

-2 x Forceps Artery & Tissue Chaput 14cm 2×3 Teeth

-6 x Forceps Artery Halsted Mosquito 12.5cm CVD

-1 x Forceps Artery Pean 14cm STR

-1 x Forceps Dressing Standard 14.5cm STR

-1 x Forceps Artery & Tissue Collin 16cm Oval Jaws

-1 x Forceps Tissue Stan 14.5cm 1×2 Teeth STR

-1 x Galipot 100ml 8cm S.Steel

-1 x Needle Holder Mayo Hegar 18cm Stand Pattern

-1 x Probe Double Ended 14.5cm 1.5mm S.Steel

-1 x Retractor Farabeuf Baby D/Ended 12cm Pair

-1 x Scissors Metzembaum (Lahey) CVD 14cm

-1 x Scissors Mayo CVD 14cm

-1 x Scalpel Handle # 4 Standard


Please be aware of John Davis Who is imposing to be part of the Afrimedics team. He is in no way part of Afrimedics